This talk was given at a TEDx event in the Netherlands, and is all about the power of kindness, which we love. Jacqueline believes that the change kindness can make is so great that we should embrace it instead of avoiding it.

Many people are kind when prompted. They’ll help when asked, but how many of us go out of our way to push ourselves to live a life where we seek out small acts of kindness and grace on a daily basis, instead of letting it be passive?

Kindness costs nothing, but it’s the best gift you can get! A kind word to a stranger may be what saves their life. And while we’ll never know, it’s important to remember that every single person we meet is struggling with something we know nothing about.

Jacqueline de loos was only 14 years old at the time of this talk and studied at United World College Maastricht in the Netherlands. She believes that small acts of kindness can result in something greater. And it is! Kindness is a global message.