Family is one of the most important things in this world. And during hard times, a family should be together, without worries of money or work or anything else that takes away from taking care for those you love most.

Ellie Walton is the face of strength. She was born on December 21, 2012 – the second, beautiful daughter to Sarah and Kyle. At 4-months-old Ellie was diagnosed with Desmoplastic Infantile Ganglioglioma/Astrocytoma – a brain tumor that grew to a 1/3rd the size of her brain. Her diagnosis has resulted in 28 rounds of chemo, over 17 surgeries, and radiation. Ellie is now 4-years old and doesn’t know much outside of life of cancer. Her family is praying for a holiday miracle.

Ellie has been in our hearts for a while. We first introduced you to Ellie when Talk It Up TV decided it was only fair to give this angel a gift of kindness. We surprised Ellie with a day full of just being a kid as we threw her an Alice In Wonderland themed tea party. It was magical, and seeing her smile was the most beautiful thing we could ask for.

When we heard that Ellie was struggling worse than ever, we needed to help, at least in some small way. We’re all about surprises, so we came up with one we thought would be the most meaningful! We also showed up to Ellie’s 4th birthday party at the Tacoma Sportmen’s Club with 20 Costco pizzas in tow, but our surprise came before that. And we hope it’s one that truly made a difference. Watch the new episode at the top to fall in love with this family just like we did!

UPDATE: Ellie Walton passed away at 8:30am on Sunday, January 15th. As her beautiful mother Sarah said, “she gained the strongest and most beautiful wings” after bravely fighting her battle against cancer. We fell in love with Ellie after meeting her. We were mesmerized by her strength and grace. And it’s because of YOU, and our community coming together, that her father was able to be with her on her last day. Thank you.