Seattle had hit a chilling 27 degrees out this January and the cool wind didn’t help. It literally hurt my bones just to run from my car to inside my house. This was the perfect night that we had choose to go warm the homeless. It would’ve felt selfish to me to sit by the fireplace while those living outside were heavily weighing on my heart.

Together Kristine Moreland and her volunteer team at Seattle’s Union Gospel Mission, the Search and Rescue team and our crew and board members of Talk It Up Foundation hit the streets. We handed out warm coats, blankets, scarves, hats and feed them sandwiches and warmed their throats with hot chocolate. I even gave one guy a fresh new tooth brush, he was thrilled!

Here is what I was reminded of & had learned from this experience. Not all homeless individuals are mentally impaired or abuse drugs and alcohol. Sure many do, but honestly all were grateful and most didn’t seem to know how to get help. My new friend, Detroit, had lost his entire family and didn’t know who or where to turn. He looked to his angel Kristine for a helping hand because he didn’t know anyone else to trust. Our buddy Frank just wanted something or someone to love, he wasn’t any harm. The week prior Kristine brought him a puppy and he loved that animal more than himself, it gave him purpose and love which is what he was internally craving.

Everything that we had witnessed that night is hard to articulate, but what I do know is that everyone should take at least 1 night out of their lives to go and warm the homeless. The reward you give from lending your heart is something money can never buy.

Remember, Be Kind!


Anny Havland