It’s arrival time, welcome to SMAK, which is Talk It Up TV’s new Small Acts of Kindness edition! This special segment will be happening on the first Monday of every month.

In this fun and fast paced video, experience a small act of kindness that might get you thinking “what can I do to pay it forward?”

We strategically placed camera’s inside Planet Java Diner located downtown Seattle.

We placed a microphone and hidden camera on their waitress, Ashley.

When Ashley went to… not so fast, you’re going to want to watch for yourselves to find out.

Click to watch below:

The responses were priceless. All we asked in return was for them to pay it forward.

Thank you to Josh LaBounty and Planet Java Diner for helping to make this episode possible!

Tell us in the comments below..what would your reaction be if you had this random act of kindness happen to you?

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