You know Hannah and Madi – they’re two extraordinary young girls who have been featured in their own Talk It Up TV full episodes! And right now we’re so incredibly proud of them, because they’ll be receiving humanitarian awards at the Right Now Today 3rd Annual 2017 Humanitarian Awards on March 12th in Tacoma. They’ve both proven that you can overcome awful circumstances thrown at you in life and rise above them to becoming inspiring, and KIND, individuals. Both girls have been recognized in their community for making a difference.  That’s why the theme for this awards show, “Children are the Future” is perfect for these future leaders of the community.

You met Hannah in her episode, “Hannah’s Dream.” Hannah was born with Treacher Collins syndrome. That means she is missing her fifth chromosome, which involves an underdevelopment of the facial bones and muscle. She has no ears and is missing bones in her face. She’s had had over ten surgeries so far, but she now has cheek bones and is trach free! This girl is one of the strongest people we’ve ever met!

Then there’s Madi. We met Madi when she was 9-years-old. A daughter to a single mother struggling to pay the bills, she was  teased mercilessly at school. Madi has an amazing heart and was featured in our 2014 episode, “Warming Hearts,” where she took to the streets with Anny to raise enough money to get a family’s heat turned back on in the dead of winter.

Madi has desperately needed braces for years, and eating for her means pain. She just started high school this year, and she’s still struggling with her own confidence, self-love, and happiness. Her mother is a two-time cancer survivor and because she is a seasonal worker at her job, she does not have dental insurance and cannot afford the price of braces.
That’s where we came in!

The Right Now Today 3rd Annual Humanitarian Awards will take place this Sunday at 10am at the Blue Mouse Theatre in Tacoma. If you attend you’ll get the chance to see some pretty inspiring people accept some awards for the kind acts they’ve orchestrated in the community. There will also be a special musical performance and a screening of the anti-bullying film, “Joenah.” This locally-shot film has a great message and shows “how determination and empathy can change the perspective of those around us.” Tickets are on sale now!