Kids can make a difference, and 12-year-old Nachaliel Jacobs proved it with an extraordinary act of kindness. He gave up having his Bar Mitzvah to throw a party for 300 cancer survivors and their families.

Nachaliel made a heartwarming YouTube video about his hopes for this day. In silence, wearing an Adidas shirt and blue glasses, he held up paper cards to share his selfless intentions with the world. This is what was written on the cards:

Hey, Nachaliel Jacobs here. | Join me in making 300 children smile. | I’m giving up having my Bar Mitzva party. | Instead, I’m celebrating it with children battling cancer. | I committed to make a carnival for these children. | I’m donating all the money I’ve ever made, $1,800, to fund this. | It’s not enough, so I’m turning to you, to ask for your help. | I convinced my parents to get involved also and now I’m asking you too. | Please read more details below. Together, we can do this. | Thanks for watching!

The carnival party will be held at Zichron Menachem’s treatment center in Jerusalem. The party will feature “food, jugglers, music, face painters, clowns, contests, prizes, trips, magicians, activity booths, games, shows and Shaloch Manos gift bags for the kids,” according to the YouTube video description. The cost of the carnival is $18,000, which was raised in under 24 hours by fundraising site Charidy.

And what makes it even more amazing is that Nachaliel didn’t just ask others to fund this carnival. Instead, he began with his own life-savings: $1,800. “Nachaliel cherished every dollar he worked for in his short 12 years of wealth accumulation. At a young age, he bought live chickens, built a chicken coop in his backyard, cleaned and sold the eggs, then sold the chickens. He saved every quarter or dollar from any loving grandparent or parent. He has now committed every penny of his savings to this event with a warm smile and generous heart.”

We can all learn something from Nachaliel. Although he lives in New York, he gave up every penny he had to give children half a world away a few hours of joy, laughter, and fun. What started as a $1,800 donation quickly inspired others to raise more than $20,000 – the excess money going directly to the treatment center to fund other events. $1,800 may not seem like a lot to some, but to 300 kids, Nachaliel’s act of kindness and compassion will mean the world.