The MY HERO film festival celebrates the best of humanity, one story at a time. They celebrate the kind, the brave, and the compassionate people who aim to venture out and make a difference in the world. The content they publish on their site is chosen to inspire millions of people with stories of hope and goodness – to bring communities closer.




That’s why we are so proud and honored to announce that our episode “Hannah’s Dream” won first place winner in the Series Category of the 2016 MY HERO International Film Festival! And to make it even more amazing, our Dwayne Wynne episode placed third in the very same category!





If you haven’t seen Hannah’s episode yet, you’re missing out on getting to know this brave, beautiful and KIND little girl who has been a huge inspiration to the Talk It Up TV family. Born with Treacher Collins syndrome, Hannah is missing her fifth chromosome, which involves an underdevelopment of the facial bones and muscle. That means she came into this world with no ears and missing bones in her face. She had only two very small dreams, to have cheekbones one day and to swim with a dolphin in Hawaii. Of course we wanted to help with those dreams! Over the course of this episode, and its sequel, you can see what it means to overcome adversity and do it with a bright smile and positive outlook.




Dwayne’s story is heartbreaking, but it’s also a story about hope and the power of family. Dwayne was severely beaten over the holidays while walking home from Mo’s Urban Bar & Grill in the Hillcrest neighborhood of San Diego. And it was because of his sexual orientation. After that he struggled with being unable to return to work, a looming eviction, and being alone through the most challenging time of his life. But we were there to bring hope, kindness, and a little surprise, right when it was most needed.


For us, winning this award is validation that what the world truly needs more of is hope, compassion, and kindness, and we’re thrilled for millions of people to be able to see just how beautiful that can be through these episodes! Our mission is to make a positive change in the media system. While many media organizations will cover tragedy and walk away, we stay to help. We don’t give up. We bring the community together to create life-changing acts of kindness that inspire and restore hope. And we couldn’t do it without your support! So a HUGE thank you to the MY HERO film festival, but most importantly to our #TIUArmy who keeps us going!