Victor Johnson is seeking to raise funds to record his song honoring the Pearl Harbor victims at the official ceremony on the 75th anniversary of the attack. He believes his music can help communities heal.

Victor Johnson has dedicated his like to the magic of music.

He grew up in Tampa, Florida singing in choir and playing piano since the age of seven. A music teacher by trade, Victor was laid off from his full-time position teaching music to young children at a non-profit. However, he’s still giving back to the world in a major way.

Victor believes that music is healing, and he uses his singing/songwriting gift to honor the victims of tragedy. To name a few, he has written tribute songs to the victims of the Paris Attacks, the Boston Marathon, as well as the children fatally shot at Sandy Hook.

Victor believes that his songs can help communities, stricken by tragedy, finally heal.

“The creativity of music allows you to process your emotions in a creative and productive way. Society today wants to avoid thinking about death or expressing grief,” he told Talk It Up TV. “I think music can help where words fail, and the mind can’t handle. Music comes from the heart; it’s a language of love.”

And he hopes that his songs will bring the families of tragedy victims peace, as well as closure. “I’m hoping they can feel a sense of connectedness and acceptance – healing and forgiveness, and that they can feel a sense of grace,” he said. “I’m hoping that when I reach out to people through music it can bring them some comfort.”

Realizing that the 75th anniversary of the Attack on Pearl Harbor is coming up, Victor was inspired to write a song in honor of those who were lost. He’s also been asked by the Sons and Daughters of Pearl Harbor Survivors if they can play his song on December 7th as part of the 75th memorial observations in Oahu. However, because he was laid off, he is unable to fund the recording of this song to offer them.

Times are challenging, but together we can create miracles and make a difference in the world, no matter how small, he wrote on his Crowdrise page.

And making a difference in the world with music is exactly what Victor finds joy in doing, like with this video honoring those lost in the Paris Attacks he posted to YouTube.


Here are the full lyrics to his song honoring the Pearl Harbor victims he is seeking funds to record:

Would you look out your window and see paradise
Feel the wind on a sweet December day
Stillness in the sky
The breeze floating by
People going on their way
Lovely mountains beautiful eyes
Gentle showers leave rainbows dancing in the blue
A crescendo of waves where the dolphins play
All the flowers are in bloom
No sadness, no gloom
So enchanting today
Morning stars they’re shining through

Chorus: Fire falling from above
Sirens shatter the still
Blackness louder than the planes
Sent to burn and to kill
The water rushing in
Battleships they’re sinking below
No one dreamed this could be
How did nobody see
How did nobody know

Wake up to the smell of fresh chrysanthemums
Greet the sun laughing so lightly now
Volcano weathered folds
Pele hot lava holds
Red curls bouncing on her brow
A lullaby she hums
Crystal silence wafting through the light of dawn
Soft memories bear love from the night before
Faces all aglow
Time moves oh so slow
I walk out my door
The sunrise seems painted on


Would you look out your window and see paradise
Feel the wind on a sweet December day

As for Victor, he sees being laid off as an opportunity to pursue music wholeheartedly and full-time, so that he can help those who are suffering in the world.

“Music has been a source of strength for me in the darkest times. I’ve always had music,” he said. “I just think music is one of the most powerful things there is. Along with love.”

If you’d like to give to Victor’s cause, you can donate HERE.