Conquering fears to live up to your full potential is something most people aim to do. While some fear can be healthy, other fears can just stand in your way, keeping you from following and achieving your dreams and goals. So how do we overcome our fears? And is it possible to conquer fears in any situation through exceptional kindness?


Vanessa Van Edwards is an expert when it comes to people. She’s a published author and behavioral investigator who considers herself a professional people watcher. She loves to crack the code of human behavior and find out what makes people tick. She also posts YouTube videos that help people be the best versions of themselves, like “How To Land Your Dream Job” and “The Power of Happiness.”



We were particularly interested in this video because, as you know, acts of kindness are our thing! And we love what we saw: The theory that most fears can be conquered through kindness. In this video Vanessa Van Edwards and Michelle Poler, from Hello Fears, challenge themselves to overcome Michelle’s fear of approaching people through kind acts. And in the process they’re able to make others smile, spread happiness, and become more comfortable talking to others. At the end of the video they challenge viewers to conquer their own fears.


So what do you take away from this video? Everyone has fears, whether they are rational or not, but do we have to be alone in conquering them, or can we use acts of kindness as a catalyst to find a sense of community and comfort to push through our fears? An act of kindness does more than benefit the person you’re kind to.  It makes you more confident, it makes you braver, and it inspires you. So if there’s a fear you’re trying to overcome, take a moment to think of how adding a bit more kindness into your daily life can help you be fearless.