Preston was diagnosed (October 2014) shortly after he turned 4yrs old with Medulloblastoma, an aggressive type of brain cancer usually associated with children. Despite surgery, chemotherapy, and everything else the family could try, today Preston is still struggling and may not have much time left. We want to bestow a gift of love on behalf of our community to ease this family's pain.
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“Preston was diagnosed (October 2014) shortly after he turned 4yrs old with Medulloblastoma, an aggressive type of brain cancer usually associated with children. His tumor was successfully removed and nothing of it could be seen after surgery.
His tumor was tested for type of cancer and to make sure it wasn’t an elevated form of Medulloblastoma which would have called for a different protocol. Lucky for us Preston fell into standard risk with normal protocol treatment and we went through a month of Radiation and then almost a full year of Chemotherapy. All of his scans throughout treatment showed no sign of bad news and things looked great! We finished with Preston’s last round of chemo a couple days before Christmas of 2015. Follow up MRI was January 21st of 2016.
This MRI brought us total devastation with the results that two new spots had showed up in his scan. His Treatments had only been keeping the cancer at bay and hadn’t really done much of getting rid of it. We started doing everything we could in the way of natural treatments and supplements. We headed up to Seattle Children’s Hospital for an MRI on March 10th and to talk to the Seattle team about options for Preston.
This March 10th, 2016 MRI was another punch to the GUT, with 2 fists. In about 6 weeks since his last MRI, Preston had a new tumor on the left frontal lobe. We couldn’t believe it! His first Seizure came the next day because of the tumor. It was that bad we rushed Preston to the ER and a breathing tube was placed. Then the EEG and wires on his head and the doctors messing with meds to control the seizures.
We now live life with seizures as a real part of our life now because of this new tumor. His images also showed progression of the disease in other areas of the brain where it starts to look like frosting on the brain in layers and starts to become nodules or built up layers of cancer cells. This was the first time through all of this that I honestly felt like I was going to lose my son. There is no way to describe this, the feeling you have knowing that there is not much you can do and that you may have to say good bye to your child in the coming days, weeks, months if you’re that lucky to have him around that long.
We got to go home after our trip to the ER due to the seizure, but we’re back in the hospital a couple days later where he just wasn’t doing good and we were obviously feeling desperate and panicked beyond anything we could have imagined. We had found a trial method in Houston that was working for kids with relapsed Medulloblastoma and the doctors here went forward to put an Omaya Reservoir (March 18) in his head and we were able to have methotrexate given directly into the ventricle. We did this for 3 rounds.
Preston picked up C-Difficile (Gut Infection) and we were able to stay out of the hospital but in this process we ended up getting his next MRI moved up a week to April 22 to make sure some of the problems Preston was experiencing were not related to the disease. We got a call from the doctors that this scan didn’t look good either that it shows progression again.
We were hoping so much for just a little bit of good news that maybe it was stable and that things hadn’t progressed at all. So another punch to the gut for us. Preston’s mother and I have researched so much and so many things only to be shut down and told that we don’t qualify for the available trials because the disease is too far spread, meaning they don’t want to take on the risk is what it comes down to.
At this point, the doctors don’t feel that the methotrexate directly into the ventricles has helped or slow things down at this point. Which leaves us with what? Not much else, other than they can offer more chemotherapy of different kinds that can maybe help extend Preston’s life for another 12-18 months…. And that’s not even a guarantee, that’s a 50/50 chance at best. This isn’t good enough for us or for our Preston.
We have NOT GIVEN UP HOPE. And we ask for your hopes and prayers and positive thoughts and energy sent his way! We will be posting updates often!
We are lucky enough to have Preston home with us right now and doing fairly well and in great spirits. Preston is such a great joy to us and brings us sooooo many smiles every day! We want to keep those smiles and laughter around! Thank you in advance for your help, hope and prayers!
We are looking forward to a successful outcome, and a fight not just for Preston, but all kids fighting cancer wherever they might be.”
Since this was written, Preston’s father has released a new update:
The news wasn’t good at their last hospital visit. While the family is still hoping for a miracle, they also know they must prepare for the chance that Preston may not have much time left. We’re looking to help bestow a gift to the family to give Preston a magical experience with his parents.