Talk It Up TV set out to help a veteran family in need, and we found the perfect one. After getting to know them, we decided what they needed was a little Christmas magic and a life-changing act of kindness to brighten their lives.

Meet the Kelleys: David is an army veteran who was injured while on active duty. While in Iraq, he broke his back and sustained a traumatic brain injury. He also also has PTSD and is often confined to a wheelchair. His wife, Stacey, is his caregiver and the couple have three children together, all with special needs. One of the children, Tristin, has had 29 surgeries. Maverick has Asperger’s and little Aveleen has autism.

If that wasn’t enough for any one family to endure, Stacey was recently in a car accident and will need physical therapy. Her mother, Gloria, will be coming to live them as well, because she recently suffered a stroke.

Because of this family’s story, nearly 100 members of our community came together to show them love and kindness during the holiday season. We put together a few very special surprises for this family, but you’ll have to watch the episode to find out what!