The world needs more extraordinary women!

We are amazed at the support Talk It Up TV has gained. With nearly 5-million YouTube views, the community has proven that positive media and kindness matters! Our life-changing acts of kindness and desire to change fear-driven media tactics have made a huge difference to a lot of lives.

And it all started with a dream – a dream by Anny Havland. Growing up, Anny didn’t have a lot, but that never stopped her from envisioning a better future for herself and, later in life, her son. She’s proof of what you can accomplish if you never stop dreaming and put in the hard work.

In this interview by Leilani Wells, you’ll learn a lot about Anny. She shares childhood stories, struggles she overcame, and what led her to create Talk It Up TV. You’ll also hear her talk about what is sorely lacking in our media system, why positive media is vital, and what Talk It Up TV is currently up to!

Anny discusses entrepreneurship and success as well as the importance of asking for help, building a tribe, and getting out of your comfort zone. If you need a boost to follow your dreams or have faith in your journey, this video will definitely inspire you! Because to some people, like our founder, giving up is never an option, especially when there are people in need.