Talk It Up TV is a group of individuals who are creating a positive movement in our media system by helping those who have fallen through the cracks by lifting them back up when they need us most. Instead of walking away, typically seen in today’s media when covering tragedy, we stay and create a positive ending to each story with shocking acts of kindness that are unforgettable. We’ve replaced the fear-driven media with positive solutions to serious problems and unforeseen events by offering our hearts and hands.


Talk It Up Foundation is a 501C3 non-profit organization. We produce an award winning web-series called Talk It Up TV, a new style of media that is reality TV at its best with a positive twist. Instead of reporting and highlighting negative tragedies we share these real life stories and unforeseen circumstances, yet we do not walk away. Talk It Up TV comes in when least expected and provides a shocking act of kindness to create a happy ending to every story. We find stories of those who are in need of help and are deserving.

The show is very uplifting and heartfelt. We focus on making these acts of kindness life changing for the individual. We have helped feed the homeless, supported a dog rescuer, provided life changing makeovers to a cancer survivor & 2 darling girls with Autism plus so many other amazing things. We live our lives for others to follow through positive examples. As one little 9 year old girl once shared with us, “You lend your hearts for a living.” We are based out of Seattle, WA.

The spin? It’s all about the upside, the silver lining, the frosting … what lifts the human spirit and keeps the energy of this world thriving.

Join Executive Producer/Host Anny Havland and the rest of the Talk It Up TV Crew and Foundations Board Members as we lend our hearts & dedicate our lives to making a positive difference.

Have a Show Idea?

Cool! Email us at info@talkituptv.com

How can YOU help?

Awesome! We thought you’d never ask. Check out our link to DONATE, SUBSCRIBE and ADVERTISE with us. All of these amazing things help us with the continuation of the show.

We love our volunteers and supporters! Do you want to get involved with Talk It Up TV? Well, there are a million ways you can help! We’re always looking for artists, graphic designers, content creators, event planners, and so much more. So if you have something you love doing and want to do it for charity, let us know! We’d love to have you join our #TIUArmy


We have a lot of causes. Each year, we pick new causes that speak to our heart and those causes get their own full episode. Want to check out our causes page? I’m sure one or two will speak to you as well!

2017 Causes

Animal Cruelty Awareness
Helping End Human Trafficking
Positive Self-Image | Self-Love
Veterans in Need
 Suicide Prevention | Invisible Illnesses
Substance Abuse


We’re a 501(C)(3) nonprofit, which means we depend on the community to help us raise the funds to help the people we do. Do you love positive media and uplifting news? Do you love seeing people struck by tragedy raised up by our community? If yes, then we would love your support.